Over the years, I have hired many church staffers in worship, production, video and communications. A key trait that I look for when hiring these key team members is curiosity. There are certain characteristics that I have found to be universally present in people who are still growing – they want to know more about what they do, they are passionate about expanding boundaries, and they are always on the lookout for ideas.

These ideas can pop up anywhere. When we are children, we are constantly observing, combining ideas, innovating and imagining. In many ways, this makes kids much better at ideation than we are. The boxes in which we adults place things don’t exist yet for them – for instance, an adult looks at a zoo and an amusement park as two different things, whereas combining them is the most natural thing in the world for kids. 

Part of the secret of maintaining this curiosity is simply not to buy into the lie that work is a negative experience. Our culture inundates us with messaging that work is something to be avoided, when it actually provides a key part of our makeup as humans. Feeling useless leads to depression and anxiety – the next time you’re going down that road, spend some time with a kids or two and learn how to get curious again…

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.” – Jim Henson

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