One of the difficult things about COVID has been that being cooped up at home made it very easy to get out of shape: mentally, physically – even vocally. In “normal” times, worship leaders could often maintain at least a reasonable level of vocal fitness simply through the weekly schedule of learning songs, running rehearsals and leading services. However, the pandemic arrived, and most churches responded by creating video worship sets [which were oftentimes reused]. Activities in general were cut way back.

Even with things resuming, we may have picked up a set of habits that need to be readjusted. Worship leaders, your voice is an instrument, and – just like the guitar, etc… – you will lose skill, agility, and the like if you don’t practice. Daily. Stay in shape – work out your voice on the songs that you’re doing, of course, but going further will yield better results [as long as you don’t hit the point of strain or overuse]. Vocal routines, scales and other exercises help a lot – including with your pitch and breath support. There was a period during my years at Willow Creek where the vocal leaders were required to be in ongoing voice lessons, and the results were clear in a very positive way. So get that workout going!  :  )   

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