Recently, I talked about when in the worship service to open and close doors. This requires a common understanding between the guest services crew [ushers, etc…] and the weekend services team [worship, production, etc…]. Sadly, I have sometimes seen these two teams at odds with each other, with less than stellar results…

To avoid head-butting, help both ushers and weekend services team members to understand the “win” – if you don’t provide clarity, they will provide it for themselves. Each team will look at the issue through their own lens, and the tricky thing is that they will both be right. The weekend service team will be focused on what the congregation is experiencing, and the ushers will be focused on the helping the congregation and guests feel cared for as they arrive, find their seats, etc… The best bet is to have the leaders of these two teams meeting regularly to discuss and defuse issues, while at the same time looping each other in on important upcoming events, etc… Then communicate relevant info out to the teams in a timely manner, doing as much as possible to help them have a sense that they are all part of the SAME team [similar to the offensive and defensive squads of a football team]. Connect and pray together before services, if possible – at least every once in a while. And speak of each other well…   

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