A few years ago, one of the leaders of GE stated that the “key boundaries” of management are commitment, passion, trust and teamwork. He was correct, IMO – it is true in the secular world, and actually much more so in the church world. Commitment in serving God must be a given, for obvious reasons. The other three I have seen function on church staffs with various degrees of success – and in my own life and work, as well.

Passion is what gets people excited about ideas. It’s what makes them want to follow. Seeing that someone is truly inspired and willing to give their all to reaching people for God stands out in the midst of a half-hearted world. It’s the fuel that feeds ministry.

Trust is essential between senior leaders and church staffs, and between team leaders and their volunteer team members, as well. The team leader needs to be able to trust that the team members will follow through on their commitments. The team members in return need to be able to trust the team leader to lead well, to tell them the truth and not to simply “use” them. 

Teamwork is where the rubber meets the road. Very few things that affect large groups of people happen through the strength of a single individual. For a team to function effectively, there needs to be clarity: what’s the “win,” and what’s the collective pathway to get there?

Together, these characteristics are powerful tools in helping churches to fulfill their missions.

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