IMAG  is short for Image Magnification. It’s the images/video/etc… that are projected on screens, usually to give people in a worship service a closer view of the individuals speaking, singing and the like. It’s also used to project video clips, graphics, words for worship songs, etc… In many churches, what you see on the side or center screens is also what goes out for the online streaming of the service. The problem is, the optimal video experience for side screens in a live room is different than the optimal experience for those watching online….

So, IMAG for the house vs IMAG for online – who wins? Online, hands down. Obviously, in this era of COVID, a good chunk of the congregation may still have online as their only lifeline to church. However, even when things are back to normal, online still wins. The reasons are simple. In the live room, IMAG is an enhancement. There are multiple things to look at in a live environment – online, there is only one. That will cause a good video director to shoot the service differently, especially by the inclusion of a greater number of “establishing shots” [wide shots to give a sense of what’s going on overall in the room – these shots are not needed in the live room, since you can already see it in person]. More in the days to come… 

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