Ever feel that a worship song is “played out?” So have I – you reach that point where it feels like you’ve done a song to death – the spark is gone and you need to think about singing the song less often, or even retiring it. As a former worship leader, I still have songs from years ago that I would happily never play again because we did them so my times! Or did we…?

Let’s take a look at the average week at a broadcast campus – let’s say currently three services on a weekend, one on Sat. and two on Sun. You start getting ready for the weekend – ideally you practice the song at least three times on your own to prepare. Then there’s a rehearsal midweek – probably three more times there. On Saturday, a band warmup, where you might do it twice. Then two full run-throughs – that’s two more times. Then the service. On Sunday, there’s a warmup/runthrough, and then two services. That’s three more times, for a grand total of (at least) FOURTEEN times for every ONCE the congregation sings it (assuming they are there that weekend).   

The moral of the story? Don’t kill a song that the congregation is actually still learning. Have someone outside of the worship team – whose opinion you trust – give input on whether or not a song is played out.

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