The phrase “being in the spotlight” has taken on somewhat of a negative connotation in our society. We often use it as a metaphor for ego or the desire for self-promotion. However, lighting really isn’t all that malevolent – it’s main uses (besides helping us to see something, lol) are to 1) help us know where to look, and 2) create environments. The best lighting will do both at the same time.

It’s amazing how much we rely on lighting to help us focus on and follow events…. Many years ago, I had the blessing of being able to go to the Summer Olympics. We were sitting in the main stadium in the early afternoon. At any given time, there would be twenty things going on – athletes practicing long jumps, time trials for hurdles, etc… However, there might also be a gold medal on the line for a sprint happening at that moment. It was daylight, and we had no idea where to look – so – ironically – we ended up watching the screens.

Lighting mitigates some of that by helping to say “here’s where to put your attention.” There is great value to team-led worship, so many times you will have washes on the stage [meaning a general white or white/color combo that covers the entire front of the platform]. However, there are times when you really want a tight focus. Maybe it’s on a soloist, or a dramatic speaker, etc… One of the most moving testimonies that I have ever seen was at Granger Church, as a girl told her story lit by a single spotlight in a completely dark room – you could have heard a pin drop. In the right context, less really is more…

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