Worship Leaders – what are you doing to build and maintain your musical  gift? Many of us built up our skills during college – we became decent singers because we sang every day, sometimes for hours every day. Musical skills are like anything else – the more you practice, the better you get. However, once we graduated and got that worship leading job, somehow we imagined that playing – and especially singing – on the weekend was more than enough.

Singing is a physical act – your voice [or guitar playing, etc…] needs to be worked every day to stay in shape. It’s like not running at all during the week, and then trying to run a 5k each weekend – you will fry yourself, you won’t sound great and you may possibly cause real lasting damage.

Worship Leaders – put some time aside each day to warm up, practice songs and practice technique or drills. Not five minutes. An hour – or at least a half hour. Don’t say you don’t have time – this is what you do.

Senior Leadership – this is a big part of what you hired them for, so allow time at work for the musical side of things. Remember, they don’t have the same job description as you, so their days will look different.

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