Worship leaders, if you have two electric guitar players on a weekend, make sure that each of them have clarity on what they are supposed to do. If you wait for them to get to rehearsal and “work it out,” you have undercut your rehearsal before it even begins. Team members should come to rehearsal with their parts prepared, and it’s up to you to provide clarity so that they can make it happen. In some cases, it needs to go beyond simply assigning “lead” and “Rhythm,” or “Guitar One” and “Guitar Two.” Some recordings have more than two electric parts, and you need to be specific [especially if playing with tracks].

If the song is simple, and really only has one part, try dividing it into two parts. You don’t have to use full chords, one guitar can play the bottom three strings, the other the top three –  or you can double an octave apart to thicken things up, etc…. Just make sure not to overwhelm – more isn’t always better. This is especially true if you have two electrics and an acoustic [or two acoustics]. When you add in keys, and any additional sweetener from tracks, the sonic spectrum can fill up very quickly…

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