Don’t dream too small…

Most people want to be part of a big dream. They want their lives to count for something. To achieve something worthwhile – something God-honoring [weather they realize it or not]. The reality is that you take your chances in the process of bringing dreams to life. But – now that I’m becoming increasingly seasoned [ie old] – I know those risks are worth taking. Not stupidly and without forethought, but with an understanding of the costs…

Fear is the main barrier that holds most of us back. Be honest with yourself:

You may be afraid of the cost of your dream – man up, there certainly will be costs to achieve anything good.

You may have experienced negativity from others, or even straight up betrayal. Yep, that’ll happen.

You may have taken a shot to achieve your big dream and failed. That’s OK – everyone fails. Own up to it. Accept the costs to yourself, and learn from it. Try to make up for the damage that your failure may have caused to others. 

All of these barriers can cause temporary pain, but – if you accept reality like a grown-up – you can achieve things that make both your world and the world of others a better place. Be brave and dream big. 

“A typical day at the office for me begins by asking: What is impossible that I’m going to do today?” – Daniel Lamarre, Cirque du Soliel


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