There are seismic changes coming in the church world. We will need to focus more on the core of what we believe in the future – we’ve been able to assume at least a basic level of biblical literacy on the part of most people in the U.S. up to this point, but no longer. Basic everyday non-crazy church people are viewed as “the enemy.” Our culture is morphing at a rate that none of us has experienced before [unless you’re from Europe], and it’s speeding up.

Our job? Tell the truth. God exists. He cares. There’s hope. We can often get to that point with people. Where we hit a wall sometimes is on the concept of sacrifice. Our culture is anti-sacrifice – the word “no” causes instant offense. However, that’s a problem since NOTHING good occurs without sacrifice. So, explain the necessity of sacrificial living – gently – repetitively… It’s a conversation to have one-on-one. We need to get busy.  

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