Every church needs photos. TONS of them. Websites, print pieces, and especially social media all need a constant stream of content. The trick is getting photographers where you need them, when you need them. This is particularly true with large-scale events, and even more so with events that happen simultaneously at multiple sites [ex. serving days]. The complexity expands exponentially if you’re part of a multi-site church…

“Crowdsourced” photos are a good way to help that content keep rolling in. Back in “the olden days,” it wouldn’t have been an option to mix the professional photos with shots taken by the congregation – the quality difference would have been painfully obvious. The cameras on phones these days have the capacity to narrow that gap – if you give a clear vision for the “win” and a site to send the photos to, you’d be surprised how many decent shots you can get. You might also find some individuals with a “good eye” to join your volunteer photo team [you have one, right?]…

Two quick tips – ask people to shoot in “landscape” [rather than “portrait”], and ask them NOT to edit the shots. If you are using the shots as part of a photo or video montage, you may want to edit differently than if you’re using them as standalones. #creativeworshipideas

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