The rise of back screens has made “virtual staging” a reality. It has also made it possible to go “on location” to anywhere that exists [and even places that don’t actually exist, or don’t exist anymore]. This can especially be effective to create virtual environments – in the attached photo, the concept of “building bridges” took on a literal feel, and stuck in the congregations mind because of it [remember, most people are visual learners]. Recreating local or well-known national/international landmarks give us a sense of being part of something bigger than the four walls of the church building. Getting out and about – even virtually – can help remind the congregation that the mission of the church doesn’t primarily happen in the church building. Plus, it’s just a cool alternative to the standard abstract motion backgrounds that make up the bulk of our platform looks these days. Don’t overdo it – just like anything else, these won’t be special if you use them all the time… 

4/30/2011 Northview Church

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