Worship flow…

Think of the worship set as a conversation – which, in fact, it is. I usually suggest that a worship set not open with a “heart song” [ie power ballad with huge building bridge]. That’s the equivalent to meeting someone, shaking their hand and saying “Hi! Tell me your deepest, darkest secrets!” You just don’t usually go that deep straight off the bat with someone – even with friends most people interact lightheartedly and/or joke around before sitting down to talk more seriously.

I was a worship leader for a number of years, and loved the big power ballads. Just to be blunt, that’s where you could see people being impacted – or at least more expressive in worship. The mistake that I sometimes made was thinking: “Hey, those songs work the best – let’s only use heart songs in the worship set.” The problem was that there was no journey. It was like a story that went straight to the ending, and then repeated the ending, and then repeated the ending again. Here’s my opinion – vary the set in dynamics and tempo – starting with uptempo songs is a good palate cleanser, and helps people who have just come straight from the parking lot [or checking in their kids] to engage. Then those heart songs will be even more impactful.

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