So, tomorrow is Sunday. Your church will have services – if you haven’t already – and you may have some newbies in your midst. If you’re an average person walking into a new church for the first time, what are you thinking? I visit quite a few churches, and the experience each time reminds me of how much we take for granted in our weekend services. Here are a few of the questions that I ask myself in a new church environment (and, mind you, I’m a pastor & used to churchy stuff) – no answers here, just the questions to think over:

1. Where do I park?

2. Where is the front door?

3. Where is the auditorium?

4. Where do I get more info?

5. Where should I sit?

6. Communion is being served – should I take it?

7. Are people friendly here?

8. Does anybody care that I’m here?

9. Do I understand what’s going on?

10. Are they talking to me or the “insiders?”

11. Can I relate to the style of what’s happening?

12. Do the people on the platform seem genuine and excited to lead us in worship/share info/share a message?

13. Do the people around me seem excited to hear/take part?

14. The service is over – now what?


3/5/2011 Northview Church

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