We live in an era of “meh.” 

I was fortunate to have been able to know several of my great-grandparents – looking back, the life they lived would be considered steeped in poverty had they lived in 2021, even though they were “middle-class” for their day. However, they considered themselves blessed. In contrast, we are currently part of the most affluent culture the world has ever known. We have virtually all of our needs – and many of our wants – met. Many times INSTANTLY met. We’re constantly bombarded with virtually unlimited media choices of ever-increasing quality. Things that would have astounded our great-grandparents now draw a yawn. Quality is a “given.”

Way back in 2014, Fast Company listed it’s innovation trends for the year – topping the list was “Exceptional is expected.” Things haven’t slowed down since then. Excellence isn’t enough – it takes excellence with a great attitude. The great attitude is the part that is exceptional – i.e. out of the ordinary – in our culture. But it’s what is necessary to be heard amidst the noise of today. If our services, children’s ministry, etc… aren’t quality, we instantly come across as inauthentic to those exploring the church – if someone doesn’t care enough to do a good job, why should you believe them? It’s the attitude part – the passion, the “above and beyond” – that gets noticed.

It won’t be easy.

It’s much simpler to close ourselves off to the world than it is to engage in a positive way, to maintain passion over the long haul. The only way to do it is to remain stepped in the truth of who we are and Who we serve. And then get busy – not settling for “meh,” but going beyond – passionately.

“Passion is always more than a party. It’s a story of guts and glory, pain and purpose.” – Matt Redman

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