We went out for tacos recently with our family. We had a waiter who stood out from the pack – by far the best waiter that we’ve had this year. He was friendly, he was funny, he checked up on us often – even though it was clear that the restaurant was very busy.

We gave a 20 dollar tip on a 40 dollar total bill. Why? Personal care. 

He showed through his actions that how we felt mattered to him. It is so easy for us to get lost in the “what” of our jobs, forgetting the “why.” For instance, in this case, the “what” of our waiters job was to take our orders, deliver our food and collect our money. The “why” was much more important – to make us happy, thereby satisfying us and making it more likely that we would return [and recommend the restaurant to others]. 

What we do in church may be focused on one specialized area, but the big picture is to love God and love the people that He has created. If you’re an usher, loving and serving is more important than making someone sit where you want them to. If you’re a worship leader, loving and serving is more important than making the frowny guy in the 4th row sing. If you’re a youth leader, loving and serving is more important than making that introvert 7th grader open up in small group. The how MUST be flexible – one size does not fit all, and the message we’ve been sent with is better personally shared than mass marketed…   

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