In my early years of ministry, I was very passionate about my area of specialization and expertise [worship ministry, at that time]. I was sold out to the idea that authentic and relevant worship was key to the success [and possibly even the survival] of the church. I’ve learned to give myself some grace for the arrogantly narrow view of things that I had at that time. Don’t get me wrong, worship is essential in the church – it is, in fact, the Great Commandment. 

Great leaders are indeed passionate about what they do, about the ministries that they lead. But they also understand where their area fits in as part of the whole. Children’s ministry, youth ministry, evangelism, missions, discipleship, caring for the poor, teaching – all of these are part of who the church needs to be. A good leader fights to make their ministry area the best it can be – while simultaneously supporting the other arms of the church to the best of their ability. 

“…and these Christ-followers knew what was expected of them and would do anything and everything, including trading their very lives, to accomplish the mission of Jesus.” – Dave Ferguson

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