I was a worship leader [way] back in the day. I tried to give thought to what was being expressed in services, but – if I’m honest with myself – failed as often as not in giving God his full due. You see, I loved songs that expressed the greatness of God, and also songs that cried out to God asking for His help. But those are only part of picture. I was not as good at making sure that we congregationally expressed thankfulness to God [except, perhaps during communion or on Thanksgiving itself] and was woefully negligent in corporately expressing our sinfulness. I’ll leave the discussion of confession for a different day, but thanksgiving and gratitude as a people is part of what the heart of our relationship with God needs to be. We are sustained by a continual stream of blessings that give us life, hope and purpose – remembering that and frequently expressing it to God helps keep us from spiraling downward.

“Why does the Bible keep nagging us to give thanks? It’s because we quickly forget all that God has done for us; we take him for granted. According to Romans 1:21, when we fail to honor God and give him thanks, our hearts become darkened. Indeed, if left unchecked, ingratitude leads to negativity, bitterness, cynicism, and despair.” 

― Rory Noland

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