Church volunteers and staff – who you are is not what you do. If your identity gets too tied up in your musical or technical ability [or any other ability], you won’t be able to stand critique. If you can’t stand critique, you won’t grow [and will have a really difficult time holding any kind of job for more than a few months]. The truth is that you will succeed sometimes and you will fail sometimes. You won’t be good at new things right away. You’re going to make mistakes – sometimes there will be consequences for those mistakes, but many times people will show you grace if you own your mess-ups, do your best to undo any damage, and work hard to be better in the future. IF you grow up and leave your “It’s Not My Fault!” victim mentality in childhood, where it belongs…

What replaces the victimhood is your identity as a beloved son or daughter – and, as a church worker, a servant – of God. God loves you more than you can possibly imagine – enough to forgive and wipe away your deepest, darkest sins. But also enough to see though the manipulative interpersonal games that we play with each other. He will richly gift us with overflowing goodness and mercy. But He also will not spoil us, and will discipline us if it’s in our [and others] best interest. Most of all, He will never fail. His promises are true. He is good. He loves you. Loved by God – that is your identity

“Speak now, Your servant hears,

For in my heart Your promise lives.

It says to me, all life is from You a gift.”

 – Phil Keaggy

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