Don’t play the guitar – play the song. Don’t sing the notes – sing the message. I am a BIG fan of good music – I have spent a good chunk of my life trying to get better at creating it. However, churches are not musical organizations, meaning that the reason for the existence of the church is not to create quality music.

Worst-case scenario, musicians play music AT people. This is “gigging” mentality – ie. music as a job. In your average musical organization [something with at least some heart], you primarily play or sing music FOR people. The object is to entertain. You want to make people happy. In church, we play/sing music WITH people. The object is to worship [if the song is directly aimed to God] or to inspire [if it’s a song about God]. In either case, it’s joining our voices together – not to make ourselves happy, but to say: “YES, this is true!!”

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