As a new week begins, remember – we are called to faithfulness. In the little things and the big things. The reality of this is that we will take some hits for even thinking this way. Faithfulness is diametrically opposed to the idolatry of our world. Faithfulness is saying yes to God when we’d rather say yes to ourselves. It’ll be hard for some [or many] of those around us to understand why we would focus anywhere but inward. Why not push ourselves to the top and push everyone else out of the way? Why not be narcissistic? Why not “want it all?” The reason is obvious, sometimes even to those who encourage this inward obsession. The self-centered life is ultimately self-destructive. So, let’s turn off the “endless selfie” and focus outward, locking our eyes on God and striving to show all the love we can and do all the good we can do…“Ambitious men will come and go. Some will even appear to be more successful than you and use their success as a reason to step over you and on you. But God rewards the faithful, not the successful. When you stand before the Judge of the earth, He will not say “Well done, good and successful servant,” but “Well done, good and faithful servant.” – Holland Davis

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