OK, you’ve had a few days to decompress from the weekend. How’d the services go? Pull out an old-fashioned pen and paper and do a personal debrief. Just you, not the team. Big picture this time, not obsessed with details like “Dave’s guitar was out of tune” or “CG’s were late” or “Announcements went long “ or “That lady in the third row spilled her entire coffee on the carpet!”

A year from now, you [hopefully] won’t remember any of those things. Repetitive issues need to be addressed, of course, and excellence should be our benchmark. Instead, this time, ask yourself these questions:

Did the service – 

Stir your soul? [spirit]

Touch your heart? [emotions]

Impact your mind? [intellect]

Move you to action?

Did you worship God, or just sings songs? Did you give a message, or just a talk? Did you actually point people towards Jesus Christ, or did you just “do your job?” We are all human – broken, failed humans – and I know the feeling of being on auto-pilot as well as anyone else. But when I snap out of it and let the “why” outweigh the “what,” God often makes beautiful things happen…   

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