You’re not that big of a deal…

A hundred years from now, who will know your name? Do you know the names of any of your great-great-grandparents? How about your great-grandparents?

I’m talking mainly to myself here, now that I’m a ways into the 2nd half of my life, but I think it’s true of all of us… We’re going to die – that’s a certainty – and soon after, very soon, most of who we’ve been and what we’ve done will be forgotten. 

That should actually be a relief – it takes the pressure off somewhat when you realize that you are here to help make things better today – not forever. You are, in fact immortal, but your immortality was not meant for this earth – it’s for something far, far greater…

So, the question remains: What do we do with the time we have? A good place to start is to right-size the demands that you are making on the world, and increase the compassion you’re showing. Spend your time making things better for those around you, not trying to outmaneuver them. Live with hope. Spread joy. Show love.

Most of all, tell others the Good News. Again and again and again and again and again…

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