Tomorrow – or today – or better yet, every day – worship God for His glory and majesty, His awesome power and might. He is beyond all that we can imagine…

It is very true that He loves us and cares for us, as beloved sons and daughters. He is beside us at every moment, intimately aware of each joy and tear. But He is also King! Creator! Source of all that is! Almighty – meaning having INFINATE might!

He exists, and His purpose is not to fulfil our desires – our purpose and existence are to fulfil His. So, in worship tomorrow [or today], honor God for His magnificence.

“If we swing too far to the ‘approachable’ and of the spectrum, we’ll eventually reduce God to someone our own size. By doing so, we’ll dishonor Him and forget who we are. Soon we’ll be frustrated by this little God we’ve made for ourselves.” – Louie Giglio

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