This is not a photo of a rally. It’s not a group of people who have gathered together to express how much they hate something. Instead, it’s a group of people getting ready to go out and serve. To go – in the name of God – to help people that they likely have never met. To make a difference.

It’s easy these days to be a “keyboard warrior” – to opinionate online at people, and then give ourselves self-righteous pats on the back for being brave enough to “speak up.” That’s not brave. Brave is the teenager who goes to visit lonely seniors in their nursing home because no one will go with her. Brave is the parent who supports their developmentally-disabled child into adulthood and beyond. Brave is the police officer who nightly lays his or her life on the line for the very people who consistently hurl hatred their way. The teacher buying school supplies. The pastor, trying for the hundredth time to save the marriage of a congregational member. The elderly man, holding the hand of his dying friend in hospice as the moment nears…

I don’t care at all what keyboard warriors think. I care what brave people think. I wish that I was more like them. I am ashamed that I’m not. And I ask God to help me to be brave – in ways that really count…     

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