One of the nice things about Christmas staging? Virtually anything shaped roughly like a tree will be thought of in that way. Over the years, I’ve tested that theory in a lot of different ways. On this particular year, we were looking for something that would be visually striking, so we created modern-looking trees made from foam sheets painted white. We then created small white ornaments in the same design that we used to decorate the trees in the church atrium. The foam trees looked like foam trees from close up, but stood up well when viewed from a distance [ie beyond the front of the platform]. They also looked great when hit with light, esp. solid color light. 

Note: The Christmas look in the photo was unique and innovative – and yet one of our least popular. Christmas is a time when even the most future-focused people are drawn back to memories and traditions of days gone by. It’s not always [or even usually] necessary to try to reinvent the wheel… #creativeworshipideas

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