I am a boss. By that I mean that I have people that report to me at work. I have been one for a long time. One thing that I’ve learned is that we bosses sometimes let ourselves off the hook too easily. It is our job to give our teams the tools that they need to successfully do their jobs – that includes time, resources, information, and – especially – encouragement.

I don’t mean telling someone with a bad work ethic that they are doing a good job. I mean actually noticing when people do a good job, and not just continually taking it for granted. I know, I know – we bosses are busy. But supporting your team IS your job, not a distraction from it. That goes for whether your team members are staff or volunteers. I’m going to let Ken Blanchard take it from here:

“No organization makes a habit of hiring losers! You either hire winners (people you already know are good performers) or potential winners (people you think can become good performers). So why would you ever sort your people out into a normal distribution? Your job is to bring out their magnificence.

Find ways to convince your people that you see them all as either winners or potential winners and you mean them no harm. When you do, you will find that communication in your organization is greatly enhanced.”

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