What happens when there’s a technical glitch during one of your services? There should be an understanding on the team [and with senior church leadership] of the process that goes into play when something inevitably goes wrong. Believe it or not, many times an issue won’t even be noticed by the congregation, and – even if it is – most people will think “no biggie” and will have forgotten about it five minutes later. If it’s something obvious , like lights or sound going out, the techies in the sound booth don’t need you to come to inform them of something that everyone can see – they are already working on trying to fix it. If ten people come back to the booth over the course of the service to express concern, it often adds greatly to the problem (and hovering over someone’s shoulder in a stressful situation usually does not improve response time). Give the team the space to do their job.  

Senior pastors/service hosts/worship leaders or anyone else on the platform – YOUR job is to defuse. Continue if you’re able. The congregation and team will be looking to you in these moments to see if they should be concerned. Reflect calmness. Keep things light and humorous, if possible. And NEVER call out the Production Team from the stage in a negative way. It just makes you look like a jerk…

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