Music for the Congregation

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I related earlier this week that I’ve heard it said long ago (I don’t remember where) that people need three things to stick with a church:

1. They have to trust that the primary preacher speaks God’s truth;

2. They have to be able to tolerate the worship music; and,

3. They have to trust that their children are being well cared-for and taught Biblical truths.

It is impossible to have a worship style that will make everyone happy – especially in this age of individually customized playlists. Choose a style. A style that you can really get behind and be passionate about. Then do it well. REALLY well. Make sure it’s something that works given the resources you have. You may love the sound of huge modern gospel choirs, but if you have a team of five people, it’s not happening.

Make sure that the music is not just doable for your team, but for your congregation, as well. There is a difference between:

1. Songs created to listen to, and;

2. Songs created to sing along with.

To be blunt, there is a reason why most worship songs tend to be fairly simple and repetitive – melodically, rhythmically, and structurally. Average people have to be able to follow along with and sing them. More on this in the days to come… 

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