Blind spots. We all have them. Many times they are no big deal, but sometimes they get in the way of effective ministry

Here are some of the most common blind spots that I see in the church world:

SENIOR PASTORS/PREACHERS: Believing that the majority of the congregation has a grounding in the basics of the Bible. That they “get” Christmas and Easter. That they understand the basic arc of God’s plan for salvation. They don’t.

WORSHIP LEADERS/PASTORS: Believing that a song is “played out.” The more likely reality is that you’re bored. You’ve heard it 20 times for every 1 time that average member of the congregation has.

CHILDRENS LEADERS/PASTORS: Assuming that your team are being “fed.” Children’s workers in some churches never hear a sermon. They don’t have a lot to share with the kids, because there’s not much input. 

These things are not true in every case – or even most cases. And believe me, I don’t say these things to criticize or depress you. Here’s the deal – acknowledging reality is the first step towards making things better. That’s true even if reality at the moment isn’t so pretty. Sit down and honestly assess – then you’ll know where you’re at and have something to build on.

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