What will you do outside to support your services? The “church experience” doesn’t begin when the service starts, it begins as people drive down the road approaching your property. So, when someone pulls into the church parking lot for the very first time, where do they go?

It needs to be crystal clear where to enter the church building – I’ve visited close to 150 different church campuses, and it’s been surprising how many of them don’t have clear directions to the “front door.”

Sometimes that’s because it’s hidden. How the lack of a clear entrance came to be is understandable in some cases – the building expanded over time, with new additions changing automobile and foot traffic patterns, providing a new main entrance or obscuring the old one. In larger churches, the layout of the parking lot(s) and building may have made necessary a number of possible entrances, or entrances that are specifically for dropping off kids or students, etc… However, in most cases, there is one primary way into the building, if people can find it…

So what to do? Signage. Simple, easily read, and easily understood signage. Direct people through the parking lot towards the building and have ample signage to help them know how to get where they’re going. If you have multiple buildings, provide a map. More in the days to come… #creativeworshipideas

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