As I talk to churches these days, I am surprised that many Senior/Lead Pastors still assume that the majority of those in their congregations have at least a basic level of Biblical literacy. That’s wishful thinking. I’m deeply sorry that it’s true, but it is. Similarly, worship leaders assume that the congregation understands what the purpose of worship songs are and why we sing them every week. They don’t. Many of them just go along with the flow, accepting what they see because that’s “what happens at church.”

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think people are stupid. I also don’t think that services should turn into classrooms to solve the issue. However, you need to explain the basics from time to time. WHY do we baptize people? WHY do we take communion? WHY worship? WHY the cross? I’m not talking a whole message (although that’s not a bad idea), but just a few sentences of context to help people to understand – or to remember…   

1/22/2011 Northview Church

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