Rule #1 for worship service creative planning meetings: “Don’t present your opinions as if they’re facts.” I came across a similar thought recently in Kem Meyer’s “Less chaos. Less noise.” Her excellent book is focused on church communications, but it’s absolutely true for planning services, as well. 

Part of the trouble with we creatives, preachers, communicators, etc… is that we get ideas and become enamored with them. Soon they appear to us to be “obvious” – in our minds, no rational person could think differently. That is not the case. The idea may indeed be a good one, but it also may be that we just like it because it’s “ours.”

That’s why we have teams. In a good creative team, ideas are “released” in a meeting and then are open to questioning, modification, combination, or even rejection. This requires trust, which we’ll talk more about in the days to come…

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