It’s interesting – in American culture today, there seems to be an obsession with other people. Sadly not in who they ARE, but rather in what they HAVE, be it money, talent, power, prestige, position, etc… The word for that is envy, and envy is a highly destructive force. It doesn’t have one of the Ten Commandments addressing it for no reason…

Back in the days before I became a pastor, I was in a job where a coworker won a well-deserved award for innovation and achievement. Another coworker was (publicly) livid because she felt that it was “unfair” that the award-winner was recognized and she wasn’t. In my opinion, this was incredibly immature, but she ramped it up and caused a great deal of stress and bickering on that team as people took sides…

Unfortunately, church volunteer teams are not immune. Part of it is understandable. People want to be acknowledged. Praise is important to any team. But jealousy can rear its ugly head, particularly in more public ministries like worship teams. Envy must be addressed head on – it’s a problem that’s unlikely to simply go away on its own if you ignore it. We’ll talk about how to deal with these situations on Monday…

“For where you have envy and selfish ambition, there you find disorder and every evil practice.” – James 3:16

10/9/2010 Northview Church

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