As promised this last week, today we’ll talk about how to deal with envy on volunteer teams. As I said then, some expressions of envy are understandable (not desirable, but understandable). We are imperfect and insecure creatures, and someone with more talent can make us feel like we don’t measure up. Part of being a grown up, however, is dealing with the fact that others are better than us at certain things – maybe WAY better. 

Most of us struggle with that reality to some extent. Admitting we’re not the best can feel the same as admitting we’re not worth ANYTHING. However, navigating that struggle is, once again, part of being a grown up. The best – and probably only effective way – to deal with it is head-on. Talk to your team openly about envy and pride. Make it very clear that the needs of the church are going to outweigh the desires of overly fragile egos. Make that clear, to yourself, as well… 

There may be some who simply won’t accept the truth, usually under the guise of “fairness.” Ultimately, you may be forced to “invite” the individual(s) off the team. Don’t underestimate the destructive potential of one team member who consistently grumbles, backbites, and undermines the group because they don’t have a big enough spotlight…

More in the days ahead…

“When I seek to fashion a self-image from the adulation of others and the inner voice whispers, ‘You’ve arrived,; you’re a player in the Kingdom enterprise,’ there is no truth in that self-concept.” – Brennan Manning

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