If you serve in a church (staff or volunteer), weekends are often crazy. People with no experience supporting modern church services are often stunned by how much (and how many people) it takes to make things happen. In the midst of all of that, make sure that first things are first…

The church is not a building or an organization – those are tools of the church. The church is the body of believers who worship God. How that worship is expressed can vary, but the key is not to lose our lifeline to God – and I mean that literally – in the midst of the “doing.” Stay plugged in. Pray before every service. Pray before you even arrive at church. Thank God for what He is doing during the service, and afterwards for what has occurred, seen and unseen. Pray. Pray. Pray together and individually. And pray some more…

You will be distracted sometimes. You will feel insincere sometimes. You may have just yelled at your kids and feel like a jerk. Pray anyway. If we had to be perfect to pray, it would never happen. Pray anyway. I guarantee that God is just waiting to hear from you…

“Meantime, however, we want to know not how we should pray if we were perfect but how we should pray being as we now are.” – C.S. Lewis

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