Our world is drowning in information – and thirsting for inspiration. The internet is full of ideas and tools. It’s great at providing help at HOW to get things done, but, in reality, that’s often not the problem. Usually we don’t know WHAT to do – what to spend our time on, what to prioritize, etc… and we are overwhelmed with what is in front of us already.

That’s true of everyone, so take it into account when trying to communicate information or get people onboard for something at church. As I connect with congregations, I see no lack of information on upcoming events and the programs they offer – rather, what’s missing is often the WHY. Why should I go to the new member class? Why should I serve in the nursery? Why should I join a small group? Now, reread those previous “why” questions without the assumption of self-centeredness on the part of the person asking them – you’ll find that they are actually legitimate questions, and part of being a good steward of their own time. So give them the answers that they need. Explain the real spiritual growth that can occur in a small group. Give the reasons for that upcoming new member class, not the room number. If you focus heavily on the WHY, you’ll help people to know WHAT to prioritize – then they will be inspired to figure out the HOW. 

P.S. Everything I just said goes double for service hosts (the people doing announcements in the weekend services)…   :  ) 

“A service host’s job is NOT to give information – it’s to inspire and prompt action.” – me

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