It’s funny, in all of the years that I’ve served in ministry, one thing has been consistent. Birds of a feather DO tend to flock together. I’ve served in several large churches, and at “all-staff” meetings you could be pretty sure of one thing – the worship people would be at their own table, the youth staff at theirs, the production team at theirs, etc… In some ways, that’s a very normal thing – shared experiences and passions breed familiarity, and familiarity usually equals comfort. However – unless the church takes steps to encourage intra-team interaction, not much of it is likely to happen.

Note: this is ESPECIALLY true in Multi-site environments.

Some advice, regardless of your church staff role: build relationships outside of your department. No team operates independently, and ultimately, we all have the same goal. The more we know each other – and know about each other – the more we’ll understand how our teams can support each other. More on this in the days ahead…

P.S. Worship and production people aren’t really part of two separate teams, anyway – they’re all part of the Weekend Services team…

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