A Single Voice and Style

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Churches – don’t silo your websites…

Here’s what I mean… In an effort to be inclusive and give everyone input into the process, churches sometimes punt and simply let each ministry area write the content for their section of the webpage. In some instances that even extends to the printed material of those churches. Here’s the deal… Individual ministry areas often have their own “insider language” and way of doing things, since they are strongly emmeshed in making those ministries happen. But imagine, for instance, a restaurant website where the appetizer section is very technical and focused solely on ingredients, the entree section is so vague that you can’t tell what the dish is, and the dessert section is so focused on price that it sounds like it was written by an accountant. Not good…

Instead, a few suggestions… The website should be in a single voice and style – it is a representation of the church as a whole, not a collection of individual sub-ministries, each with its own agenda. It should be concise and to-the-point -you’re giving the basics, not doing an exhaustive study of each ministry area (ie more is NOT better). The language should be informal and “everyday-sounding,” with an easy to understand and navigate page structure. Put the most important info – where and when – on the front page, ideally with a 15- to 30-second video giving a feel for the church.

Lastly, have someone put the website together that is good at written communication – just because someone does a great job in their ministry area doesn’t mean that they know how and what to communicate on a website.

P.S. The one exception to the “single voice and style” rule that I would make I would make is youth ministry. There is a duel audience – the students and their parents. I don’t mean that youth are hanging out on your church website – they’re not – but they WILL know about it if something potentially embarrassing or “lame” is there, lol.

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