The Most Important Mission in the World

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Most churches are putting the final touches on their Easter services at this point. It takes lots of planning and a ton of work. And, you know what? That’s a GOOD thing!

It’s easy to have a pity party when we get into seasons like this. I’ve done it, many times. Much of our modern world is geared around the avoidance of difficulty, and we’re almost encouraged to hyper-dramatize the amount of work we do and how overloaded we are and how “unfair” it is and (insert whatever your personal favorite brand of whining is here)…

However, there are things that deserve our focus and hard work and church is definitely one of them. Worshipping God and introducing people to Him is the purpose of our existence. Above and beyond that, God has given us an extra bonus and blessing in the midst of these busy seasons. He’s building a better “us” through the process. Overcoming difficulty is how we grow. It’s the stretching that builds new abilities and gives us the strength to do more than we thought possible.

A hard truth – spending your days laying on the couch in your pajamas playing video games on your phone or binge-watching Netflix is self-pampering and we’re pampered enough already – that kind of self-obsession ultimately leads to self-destruction. Especially when you can be a part of the most important mission in the world…

“Affliction produces endurance, endurance produces proven character, and proven character produces hope.” – Romans 5: 3-4

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