Easter is coming soon. For many of us, that’s exciting. But, for many others, it’s terrifying.

What if the weather is bad…? What if a key worship team member gets sick…? What if not very many people come…? What if the toilet backs up again in the kids ministry area? What if…? What if…? What if…?

Turn off the “what ifs” by remembering what your job is: to be faithful. Your job is NOT to get inside people’s hearts, heads, and souls – that’s God’s job. Your job is to simply turn YOUR heart, head, and soul over to God and allow Him to make happen what he determines should happen. Do your best (your very best) and let God take it from there… 

“The part of your brain that sees the worst, that extrapolates out the craziest scenario and consistently underestimates your ability to handle it? That is not your friend. Nor is it the truth. The voice that roots against you? The tendency to catastrophize and exaggerate? This is not helpful. It’s not giving you an accurate picture of the world.” – Ryan Holiday

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